Three reasons to polish your short stories and memoirs:

If you are serious about publishing your written work, then it's probably worth polishing it before you hit the submit button.

  • Editors know when a piece is raw or rough.

  • "Good stories are not written. They are rewritten." Phyllis Whitney

  • Writing is hard work and the more time and effort you put into it, the better it will be.

GRANDE DAME LITERARY? It's women writers 'of a certain age' with vibrant voices who want to be published.


Grande Dame Literary is a group of women writers who share their formal writing training, workshop experience, and editing skills to promote fellow women writers and help them get published. The competition is stiff, and all too often the declines pour in. Out of the ashes of rejection, we started a blog to give women writers who write well and write good stories and memoirs an opportunity to be published. Helping you get published is our goal and to aid you on your writing journey, we're sharing our knowledge base with POLISH TO PUBLISH Self-Paced Writing Courses. Hone your vibrant voice and give yourself a better chance of making it to the editor's desk. Put on your pearls and grab your pen.

Did you hear what they said?


“I've been called many things as a woman: loud, outspoken, too much. I'd like to be known as vibrant.”


Jami Hunt-Williams

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